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Breast reconstruction

The Path to Regaining Confidence!

Why is breast reconstruction important?

Breast reconstruction provides not only aesthetic satisfaction but also emotional comfort to women who have undergone a mastectomy due to cancer or have congenital anomalies. Our goal is to help you feel beautiful and confident in your body.

The ideal timing for reconstruction?

Reconstruction can be planned immediately after a mastectomy or after completing all treatments. It is important to take this step when you are physically and emotionally ready.

Preparation and Procedure

Preparation for breast reconstruction?

Complete preparation for surgery is done at our Clinic and is included in the price.

It includes the following:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Internal medicine and cardiology consultation
  • EKG examination
  • Chest X-ray with a radiologist’s report
  • Anesthesiologist’s examination
  • Breast ultrasound or mammography
  • Oncological surgeon’s consultation, if necessary

Recovery After Breast Reconstruction

Recovery varies depending on the chosen method and can take up to several months. Our team will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. The ultimate goal is to achieve a natural breast appearance and restore confidence.

Risks After Breast Reconstruction

As with any surgery, there are risks of bleeding, infection, and allergic reactions to anesthesia. However, when the surgery is performed in a fully sterile operating room and by an experienced surgeon following the prescribed protocol, these risks are minimized.


Will the reconstructed breasts have a natural appearance?

Yes, our goal is for the reconstructed breasts to look as natural and harmonious with your body as possible.

Recovery can take from several weeks to several months, depending on the type of surgery.

Scars from breast reconstruction vary depending on the type of surgery. They typically diminish over time and become less noticeable, but complete disappearance of scars is rare. Your surgeon will strive to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible.