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Lip Reduction

Harmonizing Your Facial Proportions

Why choose lip reduction?

Lip reduction is an ideal solution for individuals with naturally voluminous lips who desire a more harmonious facial appearance. The procedure not only reduces lip volume but can also correct asymmetry, achieving a more aesthetically pleasing shape of the upper and lower lip.


Procedure for lip reduction

Surgical lip reduction is typically performed under local anesthesia or analgosedation. A horizontal incision is made on the inner side of the lip mucosa to ensure that scars are not visible. Excess fat and other tissue are removed, and the incision is closed with self-absorbing stitches.

When reducing only the lower lip, most of the tissue is removed from the central part of the lip. This procedure is referred to as the “Brazilian” or “bikini” technique because it achieves a triangular, proportionate appearance, similar to a bikini.

Recovery after lip reduction

After the surgery, you can expect a quick recovery with minimal swelling, which can be alleviated with cold compresses. Antibiotics and painkillers are part of the postoperative care, and most patients return to their normal activities within a few days.

Risks of lip reduction

As with any surgery, there are risks such as allergic reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, and infection. However, these risks are minimized when the procedure is performed in a completely sterile operating room and conducted strictly according to protocol by an experienced surgeon.


How long does recovery take?

Recovery takes several days, with expected return to work on the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery.

The surgery is performed under anesthesia, minimizing any discomfort during and after the procedure.

The final results become visible once the swelling completely subsides, which typically occurs between the 5th and 7th day.