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Lip Lift

Emphasize the upper lip.

What is a lip lift?

The “bullhorn lip lift” is a surgical procedure that reduces the distance between the upper lip and the nose, making the lip more prominently visible and enhancing the Cupid’s bow. This is an ideal option for those seeking a permanent effect without the use of fillers.

Ideal candidates for a lip lift?

  • Individuals seeking a more pronounced upper lip without the volume that fillers provide.
  • Individuals with naturally thin lips and a wider base of the nose.
  • Those seeking a solution for asymmetry of the upper lip.


How is the lip lift performed?

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under short-term intravenous anesthesia. The incision, shaped like bull horns (bullhorn), allows for precise skin tightening and minimizes the visibility of scars. The procedure typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and the stitches are removed on the sixth day after surgery.

Recovery after a lip lift?

  • Sleeping on your back with an elevated pillow
  • Gently brushing teeth with a small toothbrush
  • Avoiding chewing gum
  • Lip care with a hydrating product

Risks after a lip lift?

As with any surgery, there is a risk of bleeding, damage to surrounding tissue, and allergic reactions to anesthesia. However, when performed by an experienced surgeon following all protocols, the risk of complications is minimized.

Before and After


What are the effects after a lip lift procedure?

The effects are immediate and permanent, with minimal swelling and bruising in the first few days after surgery. Scars become nearly imperceptible after 3-4 months.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, but they are minimized when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon.

The lip lift procedure typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes.