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Most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in their thirties

Why do we choose cosmetic surgeries?

When we step into our thirties, we often start to think more intensively about our appearance and health. The thirties are a time when many of us want to maintain a youthful appearance while also facing the first signs of aging. It is during this period that cosmetic surgery can play a key role in enhancing self-confidence and satisfaction with our appearance. Here are some of the most sought-after surgeries for women and men in their thirties.

Health and Aesthetics

Although cosmetic surgery is a powerful tool for improving appearance, it’s important not to neglect basic health and well-being. Regular exercise, healthy diet, and adequate hydration are key to maintaining long-term results of any aesthetic procedure.

The thirties are a wonderful time full of opportunities and new beginnings, including a fresh start for your appearance. Cosmetic surgery can be a helpful tool on this journey, but it’s important to approach it with understanding and respect for yourself and your body. Always strive for harmony between your inner and outer self, and remember that true beauty lies in self-confidence and self-satisfaction.

Women and the most common cosmetic procedures

  1. Liposuction
    Although a healthy diet and exercise can significantly contribute to body shaping, some areas persistently resist. Liposuction is popular because it allows for precise removal of fat deposits and reshaping body contours.
  2. Breast augmentation
    Whether it’s restoring breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding or simply desiring larger breasts, augmentation often tops the list.
  3. Non-invasive methods  and fillers are becoming increasingly popular as they offer quick and effective solutions for wrinkles and facial volume loss, without the need for recovery.

Men and the most common cosmetic procedures

    1. Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction, is often sought by men who want to address this common aesthetic issue and regain confidence.

    2. Liposuction. Also popular among men, liposuction is commonly used for shaping the abdominal region and removing “love handles.”

    3. Fillers are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a quick and effective solution for wrinkles and loss of facial volume, without the need for recovery time.

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