Thigh lift



Thigh lift

What is and why is thigh lift done?

Lifting butina - uklanjanje viška kože i masti sa butina - najbolje cene u Beogradu

Thigh lift surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed when there is excess skin and fat tissue on the thighs that are the result of a great weight loss or process of aging. The problem is primarily aesthetic, but it can have a medical dimension if the friction between the excess shin causes irritation. The procedures of thigh lift, skin tightening, and fat removal are done at the same time.

Both women and men can be candidates for the surgical thigh lift, and those are usually people who underwent bariatric surgery. After the surgery, they will go to the beach with confidence because their thighs will be lifted and their skin rejuvenated and tight.

How is thigh lift done?

Before arranging the surgery, you must have a consultative exam during which you agree with the surgeon on the way of achieving the desired effect in your case. On that occasion, the surgeon will mark the skin i.e. draw the lines along which the incisions will be made, and explain to the patient which part and how much of the excess skin and fat tissue will be removed.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or IV analgosedation if a smaller area of skin is surgically treated.

In patients who have a little excess skin and fat tissue, a short incision is made in the area of groins to make the scar invisible. In this way, only the lift of the inner (medial) part of the thigh is achieved. If it is necessary to lift the outer (lateral) part of the thighs, then the incision is made from the groins to the inner part of the knee. The skin is then tightened and its excess is removed. The procedure may be combined with liposuction. The result is lifted thighs and tight skin without bumps.

The surgery lasts for about two hours. Depending on the extent of the surgical procedure, the patient stays in the hospital for a day.

To reduce swelling and bruises. The patient should wear a compressive binder in the form of shorts.

If you maintain the same weight, the effect of the thigh lift is permanent.

What preparation is needed for the thigh lift surgery?

The complete process of preparation for the surgery is done at our clinic and included in the price. it includes all the necessary laboratory analyses complete blood tests results, basic biochemical analysis with the coagulation factors, blood type, and RH factor.The complete process of preparation for the surgery is done at our clinic and is included in the price. It includes all the necessary laboratory analyses complete blood tests results, basic biochemical analysis with the coagulation factors, blood type, and RH factor.

It also includes :

  • Internist and cardiovascular examination with ECG
  • Lung X-ray with a radiologist's reportLung X-ray with radiologist's report
  • Clinical examination by an anesthesiologist.

You will need to stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen 3 – 5 days before the surgery because they intensify bleeding.

What you need to know is that at least 6-8 hours before the planned surgery, you should stop taking any food or drinks. You need to remove nail polish or gel polish from your fingernails. It is necessary to remove the complete makeup from the face and any piercings and jewelry. Do not apply body cream 4-6 hours before the operation

It is necessary to bring personal hygiene items and a personal document with a picture (ID card or passport), complete medical documentation and any medications that are part of your chronic therapy.

What is the recovery process after the thigh lift?

On the first days after the operation, the patient should rest in bed and limit their movement to short walks, avoiding going up and down the stairs. They should avoid sitting for a longer period and sleeping on their back. The patient can take a shower in 2-3 days after the surgery. If there is any pain, they should take painkillers recommended by the surgeon.

The sutures are removed between the 10th and 14th day after the surgery.

More intense physical activities, gym, and running should be avoided for 6-8 weeks after the surgery.

Are there any risks of thigh lift?

Rare complications of thigh lift include the appearance of keloid scars in people who are prone to getting them, as well as the longer presence of swelling and bruising.

Risks of allergic reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, and infection are brought to a minimum when the surgery is performed in a completely sterile operational room and when the procedure is conducted according to a strict protocol by an experienced surgeon, which is the case in our clinic.

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