What is brachioplasty and why is it done?

Brahioplastika - uklanjanje viška kože i masnog podkožnog tkiva sa ruke

Brachioplasty is a surgical method that reshapes the upper arms, i.e. reduces their volume by removing excess sagging skin and subcutaneous tissue.

There are several reasons why patients choose brachioplasty. People with this problem are primarily ashamed of the look of their arms, so they always wear clothes with long sleeves. In addition to this psychological aspect of the problem, irritations, redness, and even infection can occur because of increased friction and sweating due to excess skin.

The most common candidates for brachioplasty are people who have lost a lot of weight, so the skin of their upper arms is visibly sagging and looks like the wings of a bat.

Brachioplasty is also performed on people whose skin has become loose in the upper arm area due to the aging process. This procedure is also performed as the second step after liposuction in this area.

What is the preparation for brachioplasty?

The complete process of preparation for the surgery is done at our clinic and included in the price. it includes all the necessary laboratory analyses complete blood tests results, basic biochemical analysis with the coagulation factors, blood type, and RH factor.The complete process of preparation for the surgery is done at our clinic and is included in the price. It includes all the necessary laboratory analyses complete blood tests results, basic biochemical analysis with the coagulation factors, blood type, and RH factor.

It also includes :

  • Internist and cardiovascular examination with ECG
  • Lung X-ray with a radiologist's reportLung X-ray with radiologist's report
  • Clinical examination by an anesthesiologist.

You will need to stop taking aspirin and any anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen three to five days before the intervention because they affect increased bleeding.

What you need to know is that at least 6-8 hours before the planned surgery, you should stop taking any food or drinks. You need to remove nail polish or gel polish from your fingernails. It is necessary to remove the complete make-up from the face, as well as any piercings and jewelry. Do not apply body cream 4-6 hours before the operation. Wax your armpits and upper arms.

It is necessary to bring personal hygiene items and a personal document with a picture (ID card or passport), complete medical documentation and any medications that are part of your chronic therapy.

How is brachioplasty done?

Before you schedule brachioplasty, it is necessary to have a stable body weight, meaning you will not lose weight anymore. You will first undergo a consultative examination by the surgeon who will perform the operation. You will explain to them what and to what extent is causing you issues, and they will do the marking, that is outlining the parts of the skin to be removed. They will explain the whole procedure to you and what result you can expect. They will take photos of your upper arms to compare the original condition with the result of the operation.

Brachioplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The incision can be made inside the armpit and/or along the inside of the upper arm along previously drawn lines. Excess skin and fatty subcutaneous tissue are then removed in that area. The scar will be hidden on the inside of the upper arm. After a few months it will fade and be practically invisible.

Depending on the scope of the operation, it can take up to an hour or two. For better blood circulation and in order to shorten the recovery time, the patient wears a compression garment for the upper arms starting from the day of the operation during the following month.

Usually, the patient can go home in a few hours and continue their recovery there. The result is immediately visible, but the full effect is obtained when the swellings and bruises subside.

What does the recovery period look like?

After brachioplasty, swelling and bruising may occur. This completely disappears after 2 weeks. If mild tingling in the arms and pain occur, the recommended painkillers should be taken. The sutures are removed between the 10th and 14th day after the surgery, which is when the final result can be seen, because by then the swells and bruises have receded.

Scars must not be exposed to the sun or the effects of a tanning bed. If you are sunbathing, cover the scars with patches or use a sun cream with a high protection factor (SPF 30 - 50+).

For the first 24 hours after the operation, do not apply deodorant under the armpits and then use deodorant spray for the next two weeks. You can shave the armpits in two weeks from the day of the operation.

You can return to work a week after the operation, if your job does not involve heavy physical effort.

You will be able to exercise again and even lift weights in the gym 4-6 weeks after the operation.

How long do brachioplasty results last?

When brachioplasty is performed by an experienced surgeon, its results can last for the next ten years, provided that you have a stable body weight, that is you do not gain weight again and lose a significant amount of weight.

Are there any risks associated with brachioplasty?

As with any surgery, there are risks of allergic reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, and infection, but they are brought to a minimum when the surgery is performed in a completely sterile operational room and when the procedure is conducted according to a strict protocol by an experienced surgeon.

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